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In Loving Memory


In Loving Memory

was inspired by my grandfather, Richard Czarnik, who passed away during the summer of 2019. He was known to me and my family as “Pop-pop.”

Going through his, and my late grandma’s (”Mi-mi’s”) belongings, I was moved by the sentimentality and history each object held.  To think of their things packed up and sitting in a dusty closet forever troubled me. Yes, that’s where they had been for the past several decades, but we didn’t need them until now. When people you love are still in your life, you aren’t thinking so much about what they have, you think about who they are and what they are doing then and there.  Pop-pop  was always there reciting old tales of him and my Grandma,  blurting out cheesy jokes, and making sure we kept up with our Polish family traditions. That was enough for us.

Buried among their things I found the expected amount of old family photographs. Polaroids from the sixties and seventies, illustrating family life back then and what looked to me an awful lot like “the American Dream.” I uncovered a magazine from 1969 with full-spread images of the first time man landed on the moon. There were high school yearbooks, newspapers from the presidential elections, and years of home video cassette tapes. Objects with a history and stories to tell, so why not let them live again?

In an effort to exhume and preserve these treasures, I have dedicated this project to the transformation of this old archive into a digital archive. Using retro design techniques with a modern touch,  I have been experimenting in graphic illustration, referencing this reclaimed content, as well as content I have rescued rummaging through antique, thrift, and bookstores in the Richmond area. My goal is to evoke a sense of sentimentality, remembrance, and celebration of what once was, and what can be made anew.

In loving memory of...

Richard Joseph Czarnik
December 1941 - July 2019

Maryann Stankiewicz Czarnik
April 1943 - May 2006